"With their penchant for diminutive synthesized noises and vocals that withhold until they loopily purge, Low Fem channels a contemporary pairing of gentle intimacy and furious vocal transience. A motif of finance pervades their non-love-songs, which Silver has dubbed “econodisco.” Their lyrics evince a queer take on Marxian alienation, as these songs lull with affectionate proclamations of estrangement, and a sonic evocation of pathetic ecstasy."

- flavorwire


"... serving ’80s john carpenter queer escape from new york meets our reptilian overlords' sex playlist meets the ghost of heathcliff sending ‘u up?’ texts to all the cuties in wuthering heights meets bedroom disco meets funeral dirge realness." - someone on the internet once


"... an Adult Jazz-esque slow burner that opens with a barefaced vocal addressing a nameless other - “you’ll fuck up too much love, and I’ll be there, you know I’ll be there.” A hopeless romantic or a hopeful one-night stand; however you wish to interpret this song’s backstory, you’ll undoubtedly find yourself wrapped in admiration for the lead vocalist’s quirky baritone (anyone else hearing a little Samuel T. Herring?) and experimental ebb and flow arrangement. Building from a sweet sample pad melody, ‘I Will Be There.’ is enriched with a groovy bassline, spiky dance synths, woody percussion, triumphant horns, and bright piano melodies, all of which rise and regress to translate the emotional turmoil of a confusing romantic encounter into chaotic order." - the most radicalist

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